Arhivă pentru 13 februarie 2013

Consider ca / I believe that

Posted in ASA SUNT EU! :) / This is ME on 13 februarie 2013 by Heliana Lixandra

Nu exista GHINION. Exista neatentie, lene, impotrivire, frica, lipsa de dorinta, iresponsabilitate. Exista „momentul nepotrivit”, nerabdare, inconstienta, lipsa de informatie sau de cap. Si mai exista lucruri care se intampla pt. ca asa trebuie.Nu exista GHINION.

There is no such thing as BAD LUCK. There is negligence, denial, fear, unwillingness, irresponsibillity. There is such thing as „the wrong moment”, lack of awareness, stupidity, impatience and unconsciousness. And there are things that happen for a reason. There is no such thing as BAD LUCK.

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